Rorbu Cabins

Open 1st February – 30th October

All of our 40 cabins, 1 room and 2 apartments are newly restored and combine the atmosphere of the original fishermen’s dwellings with modern comfort. All cabins, or ‘Rorbuer’ as they are called, have their own bathroom, and most feature a fully equipped kitchen. Wi-fi available in all cabins.

Reine Rorbuer

1-bedroom cabin deluxe with sea view

Cabin “Oskar” and “Karl” with kitchen, one bedroom and double bed. 20m2.

1-bedroom rorbu deluxe with sea view without kitchen

“Sverre” and “Sport” are cozy cabins with modern bathrooms, fridges, Nespresso machines and kettles (without a kitchen). Fantastic location – located right by the water with a view of Reinefjord.

1-bedroom cabin comfort

Authentic cabins, where each individual rorbu has a unique appearance. “Ane-Elvine” 1, “Tora” 10, “Olaf” 11, “Damper” 12, “Jesper” 24, “Trineloftet” 26, “Annebua” 27, “Kjellebua” 28, “Trinebua” 29, “Frigg” 30 and “Frøya” 31. The cabins have different locations.

Twin room with bunk bed

Twin room with bedroom and bathroom. ATTENTION! No kitchen. Beds: Bunk bed with 120 cm mattress at the bottom and 1 single bed upstairs.

2-bedroom cabin deluxe with sea view

Cabins with space for 4 people. Different appearance and different location. “Steinbua” 20, “Artur” 33 and “Bardo” 39.

2-bedroom superior with sea view

Unique cabins with different looks and locations. “Ebbesen” 9, “Niels” 15, “Henning” 18 and “Jon” 19. These cabins have room for 4 people.

2-bedroom cabins comfort

These cabins have a unique appearance and different locations. “Inge” 2, “Reinfjord” 3, “Hartvig” 4, “Kaspersen” 5, “Rikard” 6, “Cato” 7, “Knutze” 8, “Reidun” 13, “Baardseth” 14 and “Liv” 22. All rooms can accommodate 4 people

3-bedroom apartment Bastian

Apartment with a nice view from the living room. 3 bedrooms. Room 1: double, Room 2: single, Room 3: single

3-bedroom cabin deluxe with sea view

Larger cabins with room for 6 to 7 people. Each rorbu is unique and in a different location. “Patalyan” 32, “Brodtkorb” 36, “Aksel” 37 and “Magnus” 38.

3-bedroom cabin comfort with sea view

This is a real authentic rorbu with 3 bedrooms and fantastic location. One double room downstairs, as well as two twin rooms on the 2nd floor. A bathroom with separate shower and toilet downstairs. Not suitable for families with small children.