Sea fishing is about pursuing the big catches, and Aqua Lofoten, along with the Fishing Boat Trio and its experienced, locally knowledgeable skipper, offers you the opportunity to experience this at its best. Here, you have the chance to try your hand at catching impressive fish species such as cod, pollock, halibut, and catfish. These fish are among the top favorites among sports fishermen in the area.

With the experienced skipper at the helm, who has a deep understanding of local waters and fishing patterns, you can be sure that you are in the right place at the right time to maximize your chances for a memorable fishing experience.

  • Cod is one of the most popular fish species in northern waters, including in Lofoten.
  • Pollock is another common fish in northern waters, known for its flavorful and firm texture.
  • Halibut is an impressive and large flatfish that can weigh significantly.
  • Catfish is known for its unusual appearance and characteristic, rocky body.

These large fish species are not only popular among sports fishermen due to their size and taste but also play a vital role in the local fishing industry and cuisine in areas like Lofoten.